Angela + Thom | Engagement

Angela and Thom met in class at University in Ottawa. But technically, they met two years before when Angela posted a notice to sublet her apartment while she went to Belgium. Thom was volunteering at the Olympics in Greece at the time, planning on moving to Ottawa from Calgary, and noticed Angela's very Greek last name. He contacted her with hopes of learning more about the Greek community in Ottawa, areas to live, etc... but Angela didn't have the time to show anyone around, she was off to Belgium! Fast forward two years, and the first day of class everyone is introducing themselves. Angela announced her name, stating her return from Belgium, and Thom's ears rang in recognition. After class he introduced himself (as that guy she brushed off two years earlier!) and they became fast friends, and soon were inseparable.

Angela and Thom are getting married on Sunday. Angela flew in early to spend time with her family and take care of wedding details, so they hadn't seen each other for a month! I think they were grateful for this last minute photo session as an excuse to just spend some time together, away from the craziness of last minute wedding details, airport pick-ups, and the demands of family and friends.

I have to say, Angela, you looked absolutely stunning! Legs a mile long and a killer smile, there wasn't one bad shot in there! Your love for each other is so apparent, the way he nuzzles into your neck, the way you laugh with each other... You were both a pleasure to shoot and I cannot wait for Sunday!