He's the man...

Noah. He's the first baby born in my close group of cousins, so needless to say, he's a pretty big deal. This past weekend he turned one, which was a huge deal. Even though I may be partially biased, I have to say that Noah is one of the most beautiful, loveable, little boys I know. I feel this is in large part due to his amazing family... his mother and father, aunts and uncles, grandma's and grandpa's... all bestowing their love and creating a supportive community to help raise this little man.

Being a part of Noah's first year is such a special gift, thank you! I can't wait for the many wonderful years to come. Much love... xoxo.


Dan Quinn

Portrait session with funny guy/actor Dan Quinn. I first met Dan back in the "Urban Well Days", an incredible era with some of the best comics in the country coming through for Tuesday Comedy Night, including Robin Williams, Brent Butt, Sarah Silverman and Kevin Nealon. Yes, the closing of the Urban Well was the end of an era, but also the beginning of an incredible new world of possibilities! Good luck with all your exciting endeavors, Dan!



Colin Bullock

I first heard Colin Bullock up in Whistler at the Mallard Lounge. The waiter informed us that there would be entertainment starting soon and we might not want to sit so close to the front. We looked at the piano in the corner and decided to stay in the comfortable loungers, expecting a quiet serenade. We were slightly surprised when Colin walked in, shaggy blond hair, plaid shirt and jeans, with his acoustic guitar and harmonica. For his 2 hour set, I barely spoke a word, completely in awe of the sound he created. His covers were incredible, his own music even better. From Australia, he's here to make is mark... I'd say he's doing a pretty amazing job so far.

Colin is almost finished recording his new album, Color in life...

 To hear more of Colin's music, click here.