Portrait: Noah

Noah was born April 5th at 12:28am. I remember the night very clearly. A Saturday night, sitting on my couch alone, not wanting to go out, unable to focus on a movie or tv show, couldn't sleep... I was anxious and excited and nervous, knowing that my closest cousin was giving birth at any moment, and our lives were going to be changed forever. Her sister was texting me the progress of the birth, the timing of the contractions, when she was induced, and every time my phone beeped, the message light flashed impatiently, and my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. My family knows I am emotional- it is not uncommon for me to cry when recapping a story or experience, or even a touching commercial (and they rarely even roll their eyes anymore!). When I got the text, "It's a boy! His name is Noah!", I wasn't crying necessarily, but tears were streaming down my face at a rate I've never experienced. Silent tears, as I imagined the family in the waiting room, all the exhaustion and anticipation from the hours spent waiting and supporting, disappearing the moment the announcement was heard. The mom is well. The baby healthy. A family changed for ever as a new member, a tiny angel, is welcomed.