Portrait | Curtis Santiago

What can I possibly say about Curtis Santiago?

Let me skip back a bit... I was introduced to Curtis Friday night by my friend, Pamela Masik, when we went down to the Met to check out his show. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can safely say that if I did have expectations, they would have been exceeded upon seeing him live. His demeanor before the show was friendly, real, present. When performing, the passion brewing just below the surface was released, and with it, a rawness, an edge, an energy only possible when the source is authentic in doing what you love. He is an artist to the core.

I had the pleasure of spending a day with him- I photographed and he sang and we both talked and talked. About art, influences, family, heartbreak, travel, what makes us who we are and why we feel we have to do what we do. He had this way that made strangers just want to say hi... and me not want to say goodbye!

He is far ahead of his time, but I think the time is nearing... the world is almost ready, Curtis!