Big 3-0

It was my birthday this past weekend. My big 3-0. With the amount of comments like "Wow! 30! How do you feel about that?!?", or "Don't feel bad, they say life starts at 30..." it seems like everyone else had a harder time with me turning 30 than I did! Granted, when daydreaming at age 16, I imagined my life to be far different from where I am today, involving marriage, kids, and a very different career. But I also couldn't possibly have imagined climbing volcanoes and surfing reef breaks in Indonesia or living on a pristine beach in Australia or touring ancient wine cantinas and monasteries in Sicily, driving through sugar cane fields in Cuba or riding on a bike through a jungle in the Philippines. I couldn't have possibly envisioned the people that crossed my path, from children who danced and laughed with me, singing in a language different from my own, to those that gave me their heart and changed me forever: my family who became my best friends, and my best friends who became my family. I couldn't have imagined all the people both around the world and in my backyard that shaped who I am today. And I definitely could not have imagined that my camera would play a huge part in creating my life, encouraging travel and adventure, showing me a view of life that I am grateful for every day.

So no, I am not where I thought I would be at 30, I am far beyond anything I could have imagined!

If you live in Vancouver, then you would have noticed the blossoms blooming in multitude all over the city. This city comes alive in the spring. Not only are the Vancouverites ecstatic to emerge from their long winter stupor, but the cherry blossoms are also literally bursting from their buds. And then you add a little sunshine and it becomes the most beautiful city in the world. Hands down. No questions asked. After missing out on spring in Vancouver the last few years, these blossoms were one of the best birthday presents I could have asked for.