Hong Kong Gone

I hit a wall. Not literally, of course, but exhaustion to the point where I could no longer get out of bed. Florence, Munich, London, Vancouver, Hong Kong… in 4 days. 5 flights, 5 different time zones, and not nearly enough sleep. It was inevitable, really. Perhaps it was 40 hours with no sleep, or maybe the last 13 hour flight, or the 33 degrees and 95% humidity… or maybe all the above. All I can be sure of is that in the 5 minutes before my 3 hour nap, my brain felt like mush, my eyes like sandpaper, my bones and muscles throbbed with fatigue, and my need for sleep was so intense that I would have sold my soul for a 20 minute catnap. Really, I was that exhausted.
Upon waking, I realized, hey, I’m in Hong Kong! And at once took to the streets to explore with renewed vigor that lasted about an hour before my body remembered I was still in a state of exhaustion and sent me right back to bed. In that short time, however, I did manage to find a market, one filled with fish heads, tables of beef and pork, fruit and veggies galore, jade trinkets, Calvin Klein knock-offs and many, many smiling faces (well, okay, they don't really seem to be smiling in these photos, but I was getting lots of smiles, I swear!).