Alex + Shan

Mutual friends have been trying to set up Alex and Shan for years. They heard all about each other, how great the other is, how similar they are, how perfect they are for each other, but it just never seemed like the right time. Finally, their friend Hillary had hadenough and gave Alex Shan's number with very strict instructions to call, no ifs, ands or buts about it! This time the timing was right, and the next day Hillary received a call from both of them, each very excited for their next date... They had 5 dates in 5 days, and the only reason they didn't continue was because Alex had to leave town for work. But before leaving, he made sure Shan was equipped with skype and a web cam so they could still talk and see each other daily, on-screen at least!

The timing was also perfect for the wedding day. Everything came together seamlessly: the flowers planted in the spring for the wedding bloomed like never before, the grounds looked spectacular from the endless hours put in from friends and family, the clouds parted and rains abated for another day, and even though the ferries caused some delays, many guests were lucky enough to witness a pod of killer whales... a good omen, being symbols of longevity and romance.

Alex and Shan, you are a beautiful couple with a radiant love. It was mentioned in one of the speeches that your smiles haven't left your glowing faces since the day you met, and I have a feeling those smiles will last for many years to come! It was an honor to share in your day!