Markets, Iron and Door Knockers Galore

The Italy tour is over, and I am left with a lingering taste of some of the most exquisite wines my palate has ever come upon, some of the best foods to pass across these lips, and pants that fit a little more snuggly. I am left with memories of people whom opened their world, sharing their home, recipes, wine and stories. As well, I am left with many, many photographs taken in attempt to capture this wonderful experience. As I sieve through these thousands of images, I begin to notice trends, or perhaps even small obsessions, with a few select objects. For example, I love doorknockers and unique entrances, so even though I was aware that I sought these out to photograph, I had no idea it would add up to literally hundreds of them! I also developed a fascination with wrought iron: fences, gates, doors… And perhaps my most obvious obsession from the trip was markets. I think this stems from early travel experiences with my family in countries all over Europe and Central America. I have memories of being in markets as a child, eyes wide with awe at the exotic food, unusual smells and striking people. Although each market is unique to its region and culture, ultimately, they all share the same purpose. Every market represents people coming together to buy, to sell, to gossip, to visit, to get advice, to share, to taste, to trade. This is something that has gone on for ages all around the world, and it creates a beautiful energy that is hard not to be drawn in to. For me, the local market is the best way to get to know an area: you can quickly determine the local produce and foods, the prices usually determine how isolated you are, the locals' reactions determine the frequency of tourists. Ultimately, it’s a no frills way to experience a place and its people. For me, it’s the best way.