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I have had the honor of working with FBFA for at least 6 years now. I have seen them grow from a boutique art and design company to an international art consultancy firm. Farmboy Fine Arts is a Vancouver-based company that cultivates site-specific art collections for the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors. Constantly overwhelmed by their innovative design style, I am so proud to work with this team of incredibly genuine and talented people! Licensing my images with them has allowed me to showcase my work in literally hundreds of hotels around the world, something I am so grateful for!

This month I was featured in the monthly FBFA Newsletter, showcasing their latest projects and collections. Here are some of my featured images...









It's all in the details... with CountDown Events

Last summer I was commissioned by CountDown Events to capture the beautiful wedding details of this stunning wedding designed and planned by Soha Lavin. Attention to detail is an understatement with Soha, resulting in an exquisite show piece each and every time. This was no exception...

I was lucky enough to chat with Soha about this wedding, here is what she had to say...

"This wedding was the perfect mix of soft romance and over the top glamour! The sheer number of roses and peonies were staggering!

"I always say love is in the details! Every inch of this beautiful wedding was planned and designed with love and careful consideration for the overall style of the day."

"The amount of peonies brought in for this wedding was astounding. The ballroom smelled heavenly. I adore this flower and we were lucky to be able to source it for the bride as she loved it too!"

"A mix of light blush pinks and creams with a hint of gold was the color palette of this stunning lush creation."

"We obsessed over the stationery and incorporated ribbon, lace and gorgeous imagery on luxurious textured paper."

"We worked with Peter at Ganache very closely to put this cake design of a spilling flower in full bloom together and again we used only a hint of blush pink."

"Hotel Vancouver gave us the foundation for a castle-like setting with gold crown moldings and grand chandeliers."

" We took the candy dessert bar to another level! We had over 50 different confections on the table plus delicious dessert creations by the Chef at Hotel Vancouver."

Design & Planning: Soha Lavin of CountDown Events Flowers: Granville Island Florist Decor: Upright Decor

A girl can dream, right??

I'm a dreamer. And a realist. But right now I am dreaming of this heavenly home in Spain belonging to Consuelo Castiglioni. I love the minimalism, and yet the richness in texture and warmth. Yes, I think I could be quite comfy in this abode...


Photos by Francois Halard

( kath )

I've had the pleasure of knowing Katherine Horsman for many years now. When you first meet Kath, it is blazingly obvious that she is an absolutely stunning woman with insane style. But once you spend time with her, you will quickly find she is so much more. Kath is one of the most interesting, funny, and sincere women I know. I was so excited to collaborate on some photoshoots for her blog because I knew it would not only be effortless (as she seems to make everything), but also so much fun! Which it was...

Here are a few of my favorites, but please check out her fabulous blog, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, for more of lil kate's exceptional taste.