The girl in the blue dress

We've all seen Indecent Proposal, right? Robert Redford tries to steal Demi Moore away with an oh so indecent proposal?? Well one thing I remember from that movie is the story that Redford's character tells Demi, about the girl with the blue dress. It's been years since I've seen it, but I remember it as something like this: He was riding the subway and met a woman, a beautiful woman wearing a blue dress. They talked, had an obvious connection, and then she got off at her stop. They didn't exchange information... and he never stopped thinking about the woman in the blue dress... Hence why he doesn't want to let Demi get away.

So, what's the point of all this?? I think of this story a lot. Mostly it reminds me to listen to my heart and live presently, because it's easy to falter and let your thoughts make you second guess, and perhaps not listen to your instincts. This past weekend I was out for dinner in an Italian restaurant. it was loud and bustling, and yet over all the noise, I could still hear an argument at the table behind me. It was getting quite heated, the young woman was crying, the man now yelling. Everyone in the restaurant had stopped eating and was starring at them. The man stormed out, leaving his wife sitting at the table. In that moment I imagined what it felt like to be her. Upset and embarrassed, sitting alone. The blue dress came to mind, and I got up and went and sat with her. Had I waited another moment, I would have convinced myself that it's better to leave her be. The SAFER choice would have been to stay seated. As I sat down across from her, I said "hi, is it ok if I sit with you for a bit?". She was caught off guard to say the least, but through her tears she managed a smile. So we sat and talked for a few minutes, we cancelled their dinner order, got the waiter to call her a cab, got her the cheque and then she left, not feeling quite so embarrassed or alone.

How many times have you been in a similar situation? Where you would like to pay someone a compliment, but don't. Would like to offer a hand, but don't. Meet someone and want to ask for their number... but don't. And thinking back, you know how wonderful it is for a stranger to pay you a compliment, or random acts of kindness, or when it's someone else that takes initiative and doesn't let the moment slip by... all these little regrets can add up. So next time it comes to mind to say something or do something for another... JUST DO IT! Follow what your heart is telling you.