Hit 'n Strum... Accepted into the Canadian Film Festival!

This amazing independent movie was recently accepted into the Canadian Film Festival, Premiering March 31st in Toronto. Not only did Kirk Caouette write, direct and star in the movie, he also wrote and performed the incredible soundtrack that goes with it.

This film has so much heart... xoxo


Hit 'n Strum official trailer 2012 from Kirk Caouette on Vimeo.

Written, Directed and Starring Kirk Caouette. With Michelle Harrison and Paul McGillion.

Produced by Jacqueline Nguyen, Michael Gordin Shore, John Cassini, Shawn McLaughlin.

Associate producers Gina Chiarelli, Pieter Stathis

Sound designer Jon Ritchie
Director of Photography Pieter Stathis
Editor Su Fraser

I had the honor of shooting stills on set, to see more of the photos, click here.