Davison & Elysia | Wedding

Elysia and Davison met in Mexico, her mom prompting Elysia to visit, all the while hinting to Davison of the arrival of her beautiful daughter. Davison, known as the eternal bachelor, finally met his match. His friends and family were quite shocked when announcing their engagement, but seeing them together... well, it all makes sense.

I've known Elysia since grade 2. For 6 months I lived on the small Northern Gulf Island, Read, and went to a small school where most of the students were boated in each morning. It was an amazing community to be exposed to. Neighbors became your family, everyone helped each other out. I became close friends with Avril and Elysia, writing each other for years after I left, and eventually visiting each other when we were older. To this day, they are two of the most caring, genuine, and FUN women I know.

More than 20 years later, I find myself returning to Read Island to attend Elyisa's wedding. Being the West Coast, it wasn't such a surprise that it rained all weekend, and even less of a surprise that everyone took it in stride. Family and friends cut down trees to make a huge tent, neighbors helped prepare the orchard, baked cakes and prepared food. Everyone pitched in to help create the perfect day... even though most of it was in the rain. The rain did ease in the evening, however, allowing everyone to dance the night away in the apple orchard, gumboots and all.

Elysia and Davison, it was so wonderful to share this day with you! Two beautiful souls... I love you! xoxo