Kaua'i = a slice of paradise

There is more than 50 miles of beaches that ring the small island of Kaua’i. More than 400 inches of rain fall each year, giving it the name, “the Garden Island”. Rainbows. Rainforests. Whales. Waterfalls. Kaua’i is one of my favorite Hawaiian Islands.

I think what I really love is the overall tropical feel. The warm, humid air, that gives your skin a healthy glow, the lush sugar cane that grows along the narrow roads, the light turquoise waters… the way time slows down and nothing else really matters.

I have been loving my hotel, the Marriot Beach Resort situated in a beautiful bay that lets in just enough swell for some longboarding but is calm enough for standup paddleboarding. The hotel’s décor is gorgeous, a bit colonial, a bit classic Hawaiian. Between the coy fish pond, the winding garden paths through red ginger, bird of paradise and plumeria, and the gorgeous beach out front, this hotel is highly recommended!