For a Rainy Day

Sometimes we put things out there, and well, we just don't know how it will be received. But at the end of the day, we owe it to ourselves to do our best at everything we set out to do. We owe it to ourselves to be ourselves, our authentic selves. And usually that involves a bit of risk. My lifestyle has been very different from most people. I don't work a 9 to 5 job. I find it hard committing to something more than a week in advance. I am most comfortable with camera in-hand. My favorite experiences usually involve a road I've never driven with no destination in mind. I travel extensively. I camp in the desert for a month at a time to surf un-crowded waves with my family. More than anything, I love to share myself and my experiences with those I love. Usually, it's words and images from afar, but once in awhile I put together a short slideshow to better portray the experience. And sometimes something amazing happens, like it did this past Friday. I was talking with a friend whom I haven't seen for at least a year. She wanted to share with me the impact of forwarding on my slideshows to people in her life. She said in particular, one individual was so moved by it he had shed a tear and called her immediately, and has since watched it every time he needs cheering up. I can't begin to describe how this made me feel. I'm sure many others can relate, because I too, have been touched by things created and passed on by others (and usually in moments when I need it most). But to know that by sharing an experience, it has changed someone's day many times over is simply amazing to me. Hearing that news was the greatest gift I could have received, and in turn, I am re-inspired to continue putting my experiences out there. Maybe, just maybe, this will find its way to someone else that needs that little hit of sunshine on a rainy day.

This is the slideshow I made last Fall about our annual trip to the Mexican desert in search of un-crowded waves. The handsome men featured are my two brothers and my father. The cat (we named him Carlos- he stole my heart!) was a wild, desert kitten that befriended us. Carlos brought us half eaten lizards as gifts and loved riding on the back of the motor bike. After watching this again, I think I am about due for another adventure!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for watching!