A Gift in the Ground

My mom corrected me... they aren't bluebells, as I stated in my last post, they are in fact grape hyacinths. Who'd have thought. But as I go through life, I am learning my mom is usually right, so I am not going to question it. However, I am 99% positive these ones are crocuses! Taken in Victoria at Beacon Hill Park with my beloved 24mm tilt-shift lens, this was truly a sight to behold after months and months of gray days.

It's funny what a field of flowers does to me. I think everyone has that thing, you know, that thing that lets you release a breath you didn't know you were holding. That thing that allows you to just be in the moment without really trying. That thing that fills you up and makes your whole body smile. That thing that leaves you slightly changed from the experience. Fields of flowers do that to me. And those places unspoiled by humans that are just so perfect, I feel it is a gift just witness it. And perhaps that gift is gratitude.