Featured FBFA Artist!

Farmboy Fine Arts is an incredible design company based here in Vancouver. They do site specific custom artwork in hospitality, corporate, retail and health care environments worldwide. What makes FBFA such a great company is that they are made up of really great people. I am proud to work with them and proud to know them!

This month, I was the featured artist for the renowned Farmboy Fine Arts. As the feature artist, I have a collection from Italy featured in the custom artwork section, as well an interview on their monthly podcast and more images and information on their blog and monthly newsletter. Check it out!


To see this months Stockyard, click the image below...


To listen to the podcast (interview starts around the 6 minute mark), click the image below...

DJ Wyatt Agard sends us another eclectic electric music mix, and your host Fatima interviews this month’s Podcast, famed Farmboy Fine Artist, photographer...

Melissa Gidney,
"Over the years, I kept coming back to photography. It grounded me, it centered me, it continually helped me see and appreciate the things we often overlook. I have become an observer: one of nature, of emotion, of movements, of lines, of life. As I go about my days, in my own backyard or on the other side of the world, I am filled with complete awe and appreciation for what surrounds me. Everyday,I feel blessed to be doing what I love.

I'm almost 30 and yet feel life is just beginning. I am thankful of where I came from and excited for where I am going. I love my job, travel and spontaneity. Laughter is one of my favourite sounds. There is nothing like the smell of black coffee and good legs on a glass of wine. Where the mountains meet the ocean will always be home to me.

I like to photograph that which gets overlooked, or the everyday in such a way it warrants appreciation again. I like to open eyes, to inspire, just as my viewfinder does for me."

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These are examples of the great things FBFA is doing with my images. Currently my work is displayed in over 100 hotels around the world.