Hit n' Strum | A Movie Experience (part 4)

This was a difficult day. It started out shooting in the pouring rain by the Georgia viaduct. At this point in the movie, Mike is very sick with TB. In real life, I see the toll this is taking on Kirk, and the crew... and yet they are all dedicated and passionate, staying positive and pushing through.

Danica (1st AD) and Mike Shore (Assoc. Producer)

Mike at this point in the movie, is very sick with TB.

In the scenes below, Mike is playing on the street, very sick with TB, and passes out. His friend, Apollo, played by Kelly Fennig, finds Mike and carries him away. The crew was set up across the street for the first take, and it was truly an eerie feeling to watch someone literally stage his death and see how people reacted (or didn't...). In the first take, Mike passes out just as a sweeper comes behind him. The man walks over to him, looking at the incredibly sick, homeless man, and continues sweeping around him. Moments like that just can't be scripted, and it leaves you with such an empty feeling. It was all too real. For the second take, someone actually stopped to help Apollo carry Mike away. We were so shocked... someone actually stopped to help two homeless men. Just when you stop believing, humanity swoops in...