Hit n' Strum | A Movie experience (part 3)

I walked into the recording studio, and I could hear Kirk singing, camera's were rolling. In these scenes, Mike, Apollo and Rasta are trying to record a cd, funded by Stephanie. Studio recording is an art form, and one very different from their loose ways of playing on the street corner. Frustrations of day 1 in the studio run high...

I might add that walking into the studio and hearing Kirk's voice gave me goosebumps. His voice, his lyrics... hauntingly beautiful and touched me to the core. The ironic part? Day 1 in the studio he is trying to play badly. I can't wait to witness the studio scenes when the music is flowing freely.

In between takes... off-camera hugs and Danica, our 1st AD doing a wonderful job, as always

Here, tensions run high when the recording process is going very badly.

To give you an idea of Kirk's sound, I posted a clip. Although he has some amazing finished music videos, I love this freestyle version.