Nisha & Sharad.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing 2 friends of mine, Nisha and Sharad, who are expecting their first baby. Having known each other since childhood, their love story is somewhat of an epic tale. Looking at these photos you will see just how beautiful they are, but you only have to spend a moment with them to feel how much deeper that beauty runs.

Much love... xoxo


Marina & Ivo | Maternity

Having gone through the Science Program at SFU together, I've known Marina for at least 8 years. She was always one of those girls I admired from afar... so beautiful, very intelligent, and always such great style! In all those years, not much has changed, except that I feel she has evolved into a slightly more elegant beauty, especially so in this phase of her life. Stunning.

Marina and Ivo, you are such a special couple. I can't wait to meet her! xoxo

Milva & Ryan | Portrait

With only a month left before she delivers twins, Milva is absolutely radiant. I loved watching how the two have adapted to the pregnancy... Ryan helping her do the little things that Milva can no longer do with her beautiful tummy in the way anymore. They are such a sweet couple.

I can't wait to meet the new addition to the family! Thanks for such a fun day... xoxo