Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.
Two days in Montreal, both snowy and cold (obviously not the best shooting conditions!). Four days in New York. So far, the light has been flat, the streets incredibly busy and the shopping oh so very tempting. Thanksgiving. I envisioned a quiet city. New York and its inhabitants inside eating turkey and celebrating with their families. Stores closed. Streets deserted. What a great opportunity to shoot New York! But it was not so. I forgot about a little thing called the 'Thanksgiving Parade' that weaves through the city. Shops were open and Thanksgiving sales had started. Rockefeller Center was lined up around the block for a holiday skate. The city was busier than ever. AND the light was flat.
So, sometimes, it just doesn’t work out and you have to just enjoy it for what it is. The one photo I did catch this day was at the Spice Market, a great restaurant in the meat packing district. After a frustrating and non-productive day, seeing the chefs chowing down a plate of turkey made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!