Miami | Art Basel 2010

I'm headed to Miami for my second Art Basel experience. South Beach is an incredible experience in itself, then inject thousands of artists, galleries and art lovers from all over the world... and voila! Incredible...

Here are a few photos from my South Beach wanderings in 2008.

Art Deco: A Gift Of The Pharaohs

Before arriving in Miami, I had heard all about the much anticipated art deco scene from friends and family (and Miami Vice, of course), but it was still somewhat of a mystery to me. Walking around Ocean Drive, the blocks upon blocks of bright pastels and bold shapes made me wonder about its ancient origins. And ancient they are... Although art deco looks ultra-modern, it dates back to the days of Egyptian tombs. In fact, it was the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the 1920's which opened the door to this enticing style. The stark lines, bold colors and zig-zag architectural features were added to objects placed in the tomb meant to entertain and enlighten the sleeping kings. Americans loved this style, who were going through the "roaring 20's" and were drawn to the eclectic look. To them, it was a symbol of decadence and extravagance, qualities their generation embraced. Art, architecture, jewelry and fashion were all heavily influenced by the bold colors and sharp lines of the movement.

So back to Miami. In 1910, John Collins and Carl Fisher undertook the daunting task of transforming the island now known as Miami Beach from a mangrove swamp to a tourist destination. It just so happened that when they were working on the coast, Ocean Drive, the art deco movement was in full swing. Proving to stand the test of time, year after year people flock from all over to enjoy this gift of the pharaohs, art deco.





Art Basel Miami Beach 08

After a numbing week in Montreal and New York, we were really looking forward to some heat which we were sure to find in Miami. We were sadly mistaken. It has been unusually cold, resulting in deserted beaches, empty pools and even emptier rooftop patios and bars. But it hasn't stopped the art lovers and partygoers alike from flocking into the area for Art Basel Miami Beach. As the sister event of the most prestigious art show worldwide, Switzerland’s Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach is a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. There will be over 250 leading art galleries from around the world and artworks by over 2000 artists, with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. There is no lack for things to do, only a lack for time to fit it all in!

With this being my first year attending Art Basel, I was not sure what to expect. But there is a buzz here, an energy radiating off all this extraordinary art deco that is both contagious and exciting. This is when the newcomers make their statements. This is when art and culture and design and people and music collide, sparks fly, and all are changed forever. I know I will be.