My Campania...

If I were to show you a collection of photos of 'my Vancouver', I imagine it would be very different from 'your Vancouver'. Obviously then, the same holds true for when we travel. This of course, is determined by where we go, what we are drawn to... what sort of traveler we are.

You can tell a lot from people's travel photos. I wonder what you can derive about the way I travel from 'My Campania'...

Let me walk in a vineyard, let me stroll through some ancient streets. Let me nibble a local cheese, sip a homemade wine. Ultimately, I want the path less traveled... it's usually not as convenient, and sometimes you can't find all the necessities, but to me... it's where the magic is!

Europe b+w

Just a few things I adore about Europe... street side cafes, vineyards (and more importantly, incredible wines!), meandering country roads that help me get lost, and vespas (which to me are a perfect indication of the slow pace).

Truffe | Schokolade & Lifestyle

I love exploring and not knowing what lies around each corner, the anticipation of what you might see. Better yet, I love turning a corner and discovering a little hole in the wall filled with treasures. In my wanderings through Zurich I came across Truffe, and was drawn in by the elegant window display (ok... and the promise of chocolate!). It was not only filled with chocolate from around the world, but also luxurious accessories and elegant gifts, including tea, wine, books and dishes. Elisabetta created an exquisite concept store filled with treasures... and while I sipped my real hot chocolate, I got lost in all the wonderful details that separate Truffe from all others. Truly beautiful Elisabetta! Thank you for the wonderful conversation and tasty hot chocolate!

Zurich b+w

The last time I walked Zurich, it was just after sunrise, on a beautiful sunny day. This time, the weather wasn't so much in my favor, and I was forced to see parts of Zurich I would have otherwise missed... the details in the back streets, elaborate store windows and deserted coffee shops. I sat for over an hour in a boutique chocolate shop sipping real hot chocolate... I wandered, I got lost, I had a wonderful day exploring and experiencing a different side of Zurich.