Look What I found! Sunrise at Angkor Wat...

While giving my camera bag a thorough cleaning from a month of travels, I came across a hidden CF card in an inner compartment. My heart jumped. Could it be?? Could I have hidden a CF card from my travels that wasn't formatted (and later stolen)?? Yes. It is true. I hid a card with some of the photos from my morning in Angkor Wat.

After doing some research on what temples to see, I realized that everyone visits Angkor Wat, the main temple, at sunrise. The sun rises behind the temple, creating a silhouette, which is a lovely image, but to me, this becomes quite boring. I thought there would be other sites to take advantage of in the morning light. So we started the day at Ta Prohm, also known as "the Angelina Temple" by the local guides, as this is where Tomb Raider was filmed. At first light, the surrounding jungle was beginning to make itself known with various bird and animal calls. The morning light began streaming through the ancient trees, pouring onto the elaborately carved stones of the crumbling temple. Wandering through the intricate passageways and courtyards, we literally had the whole temple to ourselves... it was magical.

Here are a few precious photos from one of my favorite experiences of the trip. Cambodia truly is a special place.


All photos taken at Ta Prohm except the last one, which was at Bayon, the temple with 216 carved faces.