death valley snaps


I haven't owned a point and shoot camera for at least 10 years. I bought an expensive underwater version a few years ago with visions of taking it surfing with my family... but it was the quality of images above water that I couldn't handle. So I returned it. 2 days later. But I don't always want to haul my professional camera around. Try getting a candid shot at a dinner party with a huge lens in someone's face. It's not going to happen. It's those random moments... like a wall mural that inspires you, or the way your puppy has fallen asleep.

Enter the iphone and all its wonderful apps. Right now I am loving instagram. I can take great photos... spontaneous, fun, IMPERFECT photos... and create a life diary of images that better represent how I live, versus what I do for a living. My professional camera has its place, and I cherish it like no other, but sometimes I just want to have the freedom to take random, carefree shots... and this allows me to do that.

Thank you instagram.

Here is a few from my recent trip to Death Valley...