Lara ... Part 1

I love photographing Lara. We've been trying to do a shoot together for what seems like forever... and finally the weather turned and everything else fell into place. We based this shoot on a Vogue Italia video... Summer Glam. Photoshoots are all about adapting and working with what you have. There are so many variables to consider, especially when shooting outdoors, so you have to be flexible and spontaneous. To me, this is where the magic happens, when creative minds come together... it could be the location or the lighting or a piece of jewellery that brings it all together. And Voila! Magic.

We may have deviated from our original inspiration, but I am thrilled with the results. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Hair/Make-up | Naomi Penikett Henderson

Jewellery | , Jeweliette Jewellery