Joyeux Noel

Christmas to me is... ice-skating on frozen ponds, crunchy snow, Willy Nelson's 'White Christmas', cross-country skiing to the dacha, my family, leftover turkey sandwiches, Jesse's homemade Whiskey Cream, waking up to my mom's baking, fireplaces and ugg boots, stockings, decorations spanning 3 decades, steamy kitchen windows, laughter and reminiscing, snow falling under a street light, hot chocolate from a thermos, cold toes, mint coconut balls, my dogs bounding through the snow, rosy cheeks, hearing Cody's laughter in another part of the house, friends dropping by, the silence that comes with a snowfall, skates that don't fit, frost on my dad's mustache,... and so much FUN! Family gatherings are always a good time, but there's something extra special about Christmas...

I'm officially off for the holidays... and then some. A speedy trip back home to enjoy a few days with the family, then to Vietnam and Cambodia for a month. I have an interesting project I want to share, something very dear to my heart. Stay tuned... and in the meantime, have an amazing holiday with your loved ones. There's never a better time to be in the moment and feel the gratitude for all that we have.

Happy Holidays!