The German equivalent, Fernweh, literally means "an ache for distance". Wikipedia's definition is 'a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.' 

I've got both.

It can be seen as both a blessing a curse. At times I yearn for stability and put some roots down, and others I have no problem leaving the garden I spent so much time tending. I know it stems back to the years of childhood travel, I know it is an integral part of who I am today.

And right now I got it bad. After a year of restricted travel due to an accident, I am ready to take flight. It has been a year of challenges and rewards and so much growth. To accommodate all this, I need expansion... I need to get out of this box I have been living in to process these experiences and formulate a revised plan for my future. I have changed, so my goals must change accordingly as well. 5 months of physiotherapy has realigned my body, now I need to realign my mind...

A couple weeks ago I took a short trip to Death Valley. A perfect place for expansion. At first glance the valley appeared quite barren. Oh how it proved me wrong. From sand dunes to salt flats, from dry lake beds to water-fluted canyons. It was spectacular. Here are a few from the trip.