A Seaside Town Called Portofino | Travel

My life has been blessed with frequent travel. It was instilled at a young age and it has played a large role in shaping who I am. I become another person when I am outside my everyday life. I can't absorb the sounds and sights fast enough... the smells and tastes... my god! I am elevated to a new level of excitement and anticipation, yet feel a sense of calm I'm not familiar with in my regular world. I let go of time. I give way to possibility. I embrace the unknown. In these moments, I am truly alive.

I love to return to places special to me, see familiar faces and street corners. I think it's sometimes easier... and safer... to go to those places that you know you love. Why waste a precious holiday going to a place you might not even like? But sometimes, when you open your world to possibility, incredible things happen. I took a chance on a town called Portofino. Okay, admittedly it wasn't a big chance because I saw photos that took my breath away... but it was nothing compared to walking her streets for the first time, turning a corner and coming across a tiny bay filled with fishing boats, the docks lined with restaurants and shops, the buildings painted soft sunset colors. The air was moist and tropical, the ocean bright blue and clear to the bottom. Olive trees, hazelnuts, bamboo and cactus... It was exhilarating to explore and I felt so blessed, knowing that this moment was perfect, and I would never again be able to experience it for the first time. So my advice? Take a step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on the unknown.