My Grandmother... 80 Years!

This past weekend was my grandmother's 80th birthday. 80 years... and still her beauty radiates like no other. For her whole life, she has taken care of her family. She's kept us warm, first sewing and knitting clothes for her children, then grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. She feeds our bodies with delicious cooking and baking, and no-one ever leaves her house empty handed. But most importantly, she feeds our hearts and souls with an unconditional love in a way only she knows how.

I am so blessed to be part of this family. It is made of a fabric woven of love and hope, mistakes made, lessons taught and knowledge gained. It is made of forgiveness and acceptance. It is the net that catches me when I fall, it is the support that encourages me to follow my dreams. It is everything... and it all started with this amazing woman whom I call Grandma. I see her in all of us, some have her eyes, some her smile... but I can only hope to have even a sliver of her spirit, this beautiful, enduring spirit that keeps her radiant today.

You are our treasure, Grandma, in every way. Happy 80th Birthday... xoxo