Happy Birthday!

Okay, I am a day late on this... but I thought better late than never.

It was my older brother's birthday yesterday. He's two years older than me, which meant that he took care of me in some way for most of my life... even when I was the annoying little sister tagging along with him and his friends. He was such a proud brother, giving me a haircut when I was 3 that made my mother cry. We traveled a lot as children, and I think this bonded us in a special way. Sometimes the only children around, we were each others playmates and friends, having a special solidarity. A period of time went by where we grew apart, each growing up and finding our own path through the struggles of elementary and high school. Then I moved to the city for University and he continued on with his Forestry career. I have to say at this point I didn't know him very well... and it's only been within the last 5 years that we came together again, continued traveling with each other and the rest of our family. We got to know each other as brother and sister again, the people we had grown into. There are parts of me that I know only he understands... because he is exactly the same. He has grown into an amazing man, one with incredible work ethic, a passion for life, the biggest heart, the bluest eyes, and a laugh that is deep and infectious like no other. Now I am the proud sister.

I love you so much. I am so blessed to be able to call my brothers my best friends... xoxo


Cody and I when we lived in Germany. This must have been pre-haircut.