Nick & Arli | Wedding

The day before the wedding, one weather website said 70% chance of rain, another said mainly sunny. Being a mid-September wedding on the West Coast was anyone's guess. It rained hard through the night and into the morning, easing off as the bridal party started getting ready. By the time it was time to do Arli's hair, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It turns out that it didn't even matter, Arli was shining so bright, she could have lit up half of Vancouver with that smile.

Arli and Nick met at a party in high school. Although their versions might vary slightly, what can't be argued is that meeting each other that night changed them forever. Besides their adoration for each other, the thing that I love most about them is how much fun they have... with each other, with life. So much laughter, so much love...

I wish you a million more laughs and smiles, and a love so bright it lights your path even in the darkest of times... I love you both so much! xoxo