Lake Life

There's something about Lake life. It's a different tempo than ocean life. A tranquility and serenity only found around calm waters. Christina Lake is considered the warmest tree-lined lake in BC. Most of the lake is boat-access only and it has stayed a small town that swells in the summers with the influx of tourists, campers and summer residents. My favorite is early in the morning, before most people have woken from their holiday slumber. Bird calls echo across the lake, the sun shines through an early morning mist that hovers above the glassy water... and you savor this moment because you know it is about to erupt into another day of speedboats pulling every sort of sporting equipment out there, with cheers and laughter and sqeals, music blaring, dodging the kayakers and canoes that brave the waters. This scene, these sounds, from quiet to chaotic, is summer holidays at it's best.

I told myself I wasn't going to blog while on holiday, but it's just so darn beautiful!


Justin Anderson, early morning training session.