Wedding | Clarke & Jinky

I'm kind of at a loss for words. I don't think people realize what a special experience it is to photograph a wedding. Add to the fact it was an intimate, secret wedding with just a few close family members, and that it took place in the warm evening sun on a dock under a willow tree surrounded by vineyards and orchards! The setting was incredible, the bride and groom stunning, the atmosphere so loving and joyful. At one point I became really present to where I was and what was taking place, and I almost, almost, began weeping like the willow above me. I had to switch into work mode, and separate myself from the words spoken, the tears shed, the smiles and laughter shared. It wasn't until that I got home a couple days later and began editing the photos that I began to really feel the moment again and experience what I couldn't allow myself to at the time. There are certain moments in our life that change us, and witnessing this beautiful ceremony and sharing this day was one for me.

The day was loosely planned, but being Canada Day, a holiday with most stores closed, there were a few speed bumps along the way. Jinky, the ever calm and collected bride, took it all in stride (and she may or may not have been laying by the pool an hour before we left to the ceremony!). Everything was perfect; the ceremony location couldn't have been more ideal (Thank you Anthony and Tamara!), the weather remained clear with no signs of the previous night's storm, even a winery opened for us and gave us a private wine tasting! The day ended with an incredible dinner at Quails Gate Winery and Canada Day fireworks that lit up the whole lake and the thousands of boats watching below. Fireworks every year on their anniversary! Lucky!

Clarke and Jinky- it was such an honor to photograph this day and help create a wonderful, lasting memory. Your love is beautiful, as are you. I will always cherish this... xo

John, Marion, Blake and Taeko- Thank you for such a great day with so much fun and laughter. By the end of the day I felt like part of the family... which is the best gift of all!