Playa Del Carmen | Shine a Little Color On Me

Playa Del Carmen has changed... a lot. Not quite the quaint Mexican beach town I remember. In fact, it feels more like an extension of the tourist-wrought Cancun to the north. Nonetheless, this is where I am, so although I can't spend my days exploring ancient Mayan civilizations and archeological sites, I can do my best to seek out the beauty that I love to find in the most obscure places. I've always adored the color in Mexico, the bright clashing color considered gaudy anywhere else. This was my focus today... I found it on bar tables and back alleys, weathered walls and iron doors, at the beach and on busy streets. In frustrated moments I always looked up, and inevitably would see something that would both quicken my heart and stir my soul. A stunning chandelier, an intricate shadow, an unexpected reflection, the way the light danced through the layers of leaves. I found it in love and laughter, mariachi bands, street vendors and Maria, who made one of the best tacos in the world... when the eyes truly open, the heart can't help but follow... and that's when color is really experienced.

One of my fav's... love the fabric flowers around the door framed by the blue wall.

Check out his beautiful silver teeth!

This took my breath away...

Strummed by a beautiful man with the voice of an angel