Today was a good day...

Today was waking up in a cozy bed. Hot shower. Sheepskin slippers. Peppermint tea. Christmas hugs. Baked french toast. Opening presents. Laughter. Crying. Friends visiting. Baby smiling. Stories. Christmas cookies. Skating on a frozen pond. Orange light on the hills. Reminiscing. Cold on my cheeks. Hot tea in a thermos. Meeting new people. My family. Lifetime friends. Pinot noir. Turkey. Wearing silly hats. Eating too much (again). Laughter. More stories. Surf video. Comfy couch. Cozy bed.

Yes, today was a good day... xoxo

Ice skating up at Saddle Lake, a Christmas tradition that goes waaaayyyy back. In the top 3 all time favorite things to do... and one of the best parts about growing up in a small town.