Perfect Waves, Markets Galore & a Firefly Dance | Day 29

I walked along a narrow concrete path, worn from heavy rains and relentless sun, partly illuminated by a random, swaying light bulb. On one side, water flowed swiftly along a culvert, skillfully working its way through the maze of waterways, ultimately ruling the fate of every rice crop in the area. On the other side was darkness, a night air thick of croaking frogs and humming crickets that echoed off the stone walls and rice fields, reflecting a sky of foreign constellations. Silhouettes of Balinese cottages and temples framed the sky, majestic and angular. I closed my eyes so I would remember the sounds, the weight of the air, the mustiness of the rice field. When I opened them, the reflecting stars were dancing above the fields, twirling and spinning, the evening breeze conducting this night symphony. One of the most spectacular sights I’ve seen, in its simplicity, in its splendor. Another exquisite gift from nature. A firefly dance. 

It’s never easy to fit in a month of travel with your family. Busy and conflicting schedules, lack of time and money… but at the end of it all… this is all we have. Experiences, memories, laughter, love... and all the moments in between. One life. It’s all we get, so make it a good one.

I look forward to the next adventure… xoxo

I think this is one of my favorites from the trip...