Hit n' Strum | A Movie Experience (part 1)

When my good friend, Kirk, first told me he was writing a movie script, I didn't doubt it would be amazing. He is not one to do things half-hearted. Like his years of stunt work, like his music, like every project he takes on, he puts his heart and soul in everything he does... full throttle. Then I found out that he is also directing and starring in the movie. Okay cool... this is getting interesting. Then, I find out what the movie is about, and the lengths he is taking to make this project as real as possible. When he asked me to shoot the stills for the movie, of course I said yes, but I had no idea what I had signed on for...

In short, it is about the relationship that ensues between a homeless man (Mike) and a corporate woman (Stephanie) after she hits him with her car, initially leaving the scene, then coming back to find him. At first, it is her guilty conscience that makes her want to help him, with his music, with his life. But as the relationship develops, it becomes much more, and her inner struggles of her place in this world become apparent.

This was my first day on set. Having not read the script yet, I didn't quite know what I was walking into. Coming across this scene, of a homeless man, busking on the corner, is not an unusual one for Vancouver. But to sit and observe this was interesting. Most people took no notice, a few felt discomfort, and some, enthralled by his music reverberating off the cobblestone streets and brick walls, couldn't help but be drawn in.


A homeless man shows me his prized possessions, 3 harmonicas, 2 of which were broken.

Michelle Harrison, stunning in beauty and spirit, plays the lead actress, Stephanie.

In this scene, Mike is showing Stepanie how to play a drum that he made for her

Later in the film, Stephanie tries to give Mike a guitar, which doesn't go over very well

Dana Pemberton, playing Rasta, a friend of Mike's