Cabbiavoli Castle, Chianti

Situated prominently on a Tuscan hilltop amidst the rolling, vine and olive tree strewn hills around the town of Castelfiorentino lies the astonishingly beautiful Cabbiavoli Castle. This typically grand, Florentine-style residential complex comprises a main building with a Baroque façade where the living quarters are located, flanked by a tall medieval brick tower on one side and a little chapel dating to the 13th century on the other. There is an air of mystery and intriguing history with secret passages and crypts where several owners of Cabbiavoli are buried. Changing hands of Counts, Lords and Marquis, over 10 renowned families have inhabited the villa. Used as a summer home for the Puccini family, Ginevra, now the current owner, decided to undertake major renovations in 1996, making the villa more grandiose than ever, yet maintaining its Tuscan charm. Since then, many of the rich and famous have made it their favorite holiday home, including the likes of Julia Roberts who flew in her favorite photographer and relocated her ‘In Style’ photo shoot to the Cabbiavoli Castle.

Ginevra Puccioni Pepere continues to restore additional farm buildings on the property, all built on a hillock overlooking the picturesque Tuscan countryside. ‘Agriturismo’, or farm holidays, in Tuscany is a booming business. The idea of staying in a villa surrounded by olive groves and vineyards sounds like the perfect holiday to me!