Portrait | Trystan Miller Tyson Orser

I've known Tyson for about... well, my whole life. Our families spent a lot of time together: bbq's and bonfires, camping and Christmases. His father always had the coolest inventions that we had to check out. Homemade docks and swings that went across the river, miscellaneous motorized vehicles, tree forts and everything else just beyond the normal imagination. Growing up in a small town can be a great thing, and those are just a few of the reasons why. The last few years I haven't been at home as much as I would have liked, so in what seems like overnight, Tyson found himself a great partner and is raising two beautiful girls and just had a beautiful baby boy, Trystan. I've never seen a more proud papa. It is so special that I remember running around in diapers with Tyson, and now I am photographing his son in them! You have a beautiful family Tyson and Rhonda! Much love!