Dimple & Gurpreet. E Session


I've know Gurpreet since highschool... er... elementary school?? Regardless, I've known him for many years, and I was SO THRILLED to get a message from him about shooting his wedding. I was even more thrilled to meet his beautiful fiance, Dimple, and hear their incredibly sweet love story. 

We decided to start their engagement session at Trafalgars Bistro, where they had their first date. Then we continued on to Van Dusen Gardens where Gurpreet had a surprise up his sleeve...




Before the photoshoot, Gurpreet told me he had a surprise for Dimple. When he proposed, he gave her a diamond necklace, with the idea they could pick out her ring together. Since then, he has had the excuse of "so many wedding expenses", and the engagement ring would have to wait. Dimple was more than understanding. But the suprise was, he did in fact have the ring, and he was going to surprise her with it at the photo session (He planned to do this at the end, in case she cried and ruined her make-up. Yes, that is how thoughtful he is!). For the last shot he suggested a photo where he was proposing to her, and down on one knee he talked about his love for her, then pulled out the gorgeous ring. It was so neat to capture such a special, authentic reaction. I love my job./static/5095ab0de4b0c28a68fa3d40/50dd2e40e4b08ab35456e71b/50dd2e41e4b08ab35456ed97/1337185174697/GurpreetDimple_18.jpg/1000w/static/5095ab0de4b0c28a68fa3d40/50dd2e40e4b08ab35456e71b/50dd2e41e4b08ab35456ed98/1337185170213/GurpreetDimple_19.jpg/1000w

Nisha & Sharad.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing 2 friends of mine, Nisha and Sharad, who are expecting their first baby. Having known each other since childhood, their love story is somewhat of an epic tale. Looking at these photos you will see just how beautiful they are, but you only have to spend a moment with them to feel how much deeper that beauty runs.

Much love... xoxo


Marina & Ivo | Maternity

Having gone through the Science Program at SFU together, I've known Marina for at least 8 years. She was always one of those girls I admired from afar... so beautiful, very intelligent, and always such great style! In all those years, not much has changed, except that I feel she has evolved into a slightly more elegant beauty, especially so in this phase of her life. Stunning.

Marina and Ivo, you are such a special couple. I can't wait to meet her! xoxo

Laura & Pat | Portrait

I had such a fun session with Laura and Pat the other night. The sun shone it's beautiful evening light upon us, and after many reshedulings due to weather... it was worth the wait.

Laura and Pat are getting married in less than 2 weeks! Another sun dance coming up...  :)

Aidon & Ella | Portrait

It was a beautiful evening to take a stroll in a park. Sometimes it's hard to contain my excitement when the lighting is just so... right! It truly was incredible. Aidon and Ella are such a sweet couple. Ella is a Bar Method Instructor and successfully kicks my butt every class... and yet she does it in such a kind, sweet way! Only Ella...

It was so nice to spend some time together. I look forward to their wedding next year in Jamaica!!!

Leanne & Jesse are getting married...

Nix that. Leanne and Jesse GOT married! We had to postpone their engagement session for months due to rain, so with 2 weeks to spare, we finally got to spend some time together. For those that know Leanne and Jesse, you already know how they glow when they are around each other, how they are always laughing... for those that don't, I think their special connection is more than obvious in these photos.